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Mobile Phone Base Station Database


Mobile Phone Base Station Database

Sitefinder was set up as a result of recommendations of the Stewart Report in 2000. It is a voluntary scheme under which mobile network operators make information available on the location and operating characteristics of individual base stations, so that people who wish to inform themselves about this can do so.

Ofcom hosts the Sitefinder tool on behalf of Government, which can be searched for the location and details of mobile phone base station sites around specific locations. The data within Sitefinder is owned by the mobile network operators, who supplied it on a voluntary basis.

Ofcom makes no corrections to the data supplied by the operators. Apart from any errors or omissions that the data itself may contain, the dataset which is available at http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/sitefinder/sitefinder-dataset/ is currently out-of-date. The last Sitefinder update was done in May 2012, although some operators ceased providing updates from as early as 2005. This is largely a result of the Information Commissioner's decision in 2007 ordering Ofcom to make the raw data used to populate the Sitefinder database publically available, causing some operators to stop voluntarily providing the information. It should also be noted that participating operators have provided their respective datasets at different intervals and some of which may be more recent than others.

Ofcom cannot accept liability for any inaccuracies or omissions in the data provided within Sitefinder, or its currency.

March 2013